Introducing the Maple Monitor has been a dream of mine and I can now accurately define it as one of the most intuitive sugarbush monitoring systems on the market and the lowest cost full measure system with all the bells and whistles. Maple Monitor has grown to include; vacuum, tank level, temperature, and output control devices. There are currently 11 different models available with varying combinations of these metrics. The output control modules can be set up through the web application to be controlled in several different automated ways through the website. Within the user friendly online web application users can create a sugarbush, put it on a map and add all your devices to it. The map will give you an overview of your sugarbush and the status of all pertinent information every 5 minutes as will the overview page which is in a table format. At any time the device setttings can be changed through the web application. Multiple locations can be monitored simultaneasouly and all you need is one gateway per location with wireless internet access. The gateway and all other units can communicate 3+ miles in clear line of sight and up to 3000 feet in harsh conditions such as directly through hills and significant elevation changes (> 200ft). Give these devices a try and you wont know how you got by without them.